Pet Ferret Tantrums

A moment ago your pet ferret is the sweetest thing on earth, and now, in just a snap, he’s behaving like a demanding weasel wanting your full attention just for him. Is he making some unnecessary noise? Shaking his cage as if there is a dire need for emergency? Destroying stuff around your home or tearing up your carpet like a menace on the loose? Yes, you are right, these are ferret tantrums.

If you are an experienced ferret pet owner, you could be very well familiar with these scenarios. For new ferret pet owners, do not get anxious, there is nothing really alarming if your pet ferret shows this kind of behavior. If you thought that ferrets are just the naughty swipers that steal things and hoard them, or the silly pets who always love to go on a toe-biting spree, then you have to read through this article to discover more about this thing called ferret tantrums and how to gently deal with them.

How to Deal with Your Pet Ferret Tantrums

Frantically shaking off its cage

Nobody wants to be in a cage, and a ferret who loves to roam around hates to be confined especially in a small ferret cage where their movement would be very limited. Perhaps, this could be the most common misbehavior that you would often encounter with your pet ferret. In fact, even if you give them the whole day off the cage, they will still throw temper at you when you put them back in it.

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What most experts would recommend is that you put them in their cage when they are soundly asleep. Ferrets are heavy sleepers that they won’t probably notice that they are being put back in their cage. It is also recommended that you add some amusement in the cage so that your pet won’t get easily bored. Ferrets are playful and putting some toys and interesting ferret stuff in it could get their attention and keep them busy.

If the cage is too small, try looking for bigger ferret cages at the nearest pet store. Make sure that the cage has ample space for them to move around comfortably. If you have only one ferret, maybe it’s time to give him a companion to play with especially if you can’t provide some of your time for him when he wants to have fun.

Don’t succumb to this kind of ferret tantrums. Sometimes, even if you think you have done everything to make their cage life enjoyable, they will still throw this kind of behavior because what they need is more of your attention. If this is the reason of their tantrums, if you can, as much as possible, try to ignore your ferret so that he wouldn’t think that this kind of rough behavior will work to get your attention.

Rowdy behavior

This happens when they want something badly, like a piece of chips, juice drink, toy, or playtime with you, anything that could get their attention. They would make noise (a dooking sound) and will try hard to get past through anything in their way to get that something they want. If you try to grab and stop them, the tantrums will begin. They will wiggle their body to escape from your hands or will even bite, kick and scratch. There will also be times when they will try to rip your sofa, your carpet, matting, or anything that can be ripped into pieces. It’s like your raising a crazy creature.

These kinds of ferret tantrums can be unmanageable most of the time. Before you throw your ferret out of the window, the best thing to do in times like this is to keep your calm (and composure). It’s like having a heated argument with your partner, one must try to keep his or her cool or else, if both cannot control their temper, it’s going to be a disaster. Definitely, it’s not your ferret that knows how to control its temper.

First, talk to your ferret and gently say “No”. Of course, you don’t expect them to understand it but it’s a good way to train a ferret how to behave when you say “No” (because you’ll surely use that word a lot of times). Keeping yourself calm instead of going hysterical will help to calm your pet as well. You can stroke their fur, tap their head gently, or blow mildly on their nose to ease them down. Do things they like you doing to them to divert their attention.

Sometimes, we tend to forget that we are spoiling them as if we are raising a brat when we become too forgiving to them. Set some limitations and show a bit of toughness to your pet so they would understand that you are still in charge. Reward them if they do something good and praise them if they are obedient.

Raising ferrets as pets is like raising a child. There are series of funny mishaps, but there are also the wild ones. Don’t get too frustrated when they are misbehaving, having ferrets at home can be crazy but rest assured having them around is pure pleasure and delight most of the time.

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