How Do Ferrets Show Affection?

A ferret does not wag its tail or sit on the owner’s lap and purr, ferrets show affection in different ways, so how do we know if a ferret is showing love.

After talking with a lot of fellow ferret owners we have collected a ton of data which we will summarize in this article, in the meantime, here is what one owner said:

Most ferrets will show affection by running towards you and even attempting to climb your body (which can cause scratch marks) and the pet might attempt to nip on the owner’s feet, these are signs of the ferret feeling exited to meet his owner, these scratch marks are considered as soft scratches will fade away in hour or days.

Ferrets do lick their owners on their faces to show how much they love him, which when compared with a domestic animal like a dog is also similar.

Licking is done to ensure the owner is groomed well and clean, a ferret does this to themselves as well and to another ferret. This body language is a sign of joy in the pet.

Ferret just like any other domestic pets love to play with toys and a toy as a surprise can make your pet run in circles. There are tons of ferret toys available online.

To look at how a ferrets show affection let’s start off by looking at a ferret’s emotions.

Ferret Emotions: How do they show Affection

ferret emotions

When a Ferret gets angry

Pets do get afraid and its part of nature, but the owner must make sure the levels aren’t exceeded. When a ferret gets too afraid it can tremble and loose it’s bodily functions.

Ferrets are pets and do not have the level of sense of a human, there is a better chance that the pet may attack the owner when it’s too afraid.

If your ferret is afraid, try giving him something he likes to eat—a small piece of cheese, for example. He will be less likely to attack if he has food that smells good to him. You can also offer the same type of treats as before but make sure they are not too big so that he does not choke himself.

How to Find if a Ferret Feels Curious?

Animal show curiosity almost as same as humans, when traveling on a vehicle have you noticed a pet cat or dog poking its head out of the window curiously and enthusiastically gazing over the moving vehicles and sceneries.

When a new food or a toy is placed next to a ferret it immediately does a sniff test and once the sniff test gets approved, the pet circles that new discovery. Ferrets does make a chuckling sound which is a good indication that the pet is curious about the thing.

How does a Ferret show if its Hungry?

Ferrets hang around an empty dish, this is a good sign that the pet is hungry, it might even clang the empty dish purposefully making a noise to indicate its hungry.

Some owners have done a good job in training their pets to ring a bell when they are hungry, obviously this does take a lot of time.

It is always best advised to have dried food in case the wet food is finished or even just to keep a plate of dried foods is still a good advice for the pet to snack, ferrets love eggs too.

What a Ferret does when it gets mad?

Usually, ferrets are social animals that play and develop a good relationship with its owners, but situations can make any animals violent.

Ferrets do hiss, pout, and try to bite when it gets mad at another ferret or its owners, these behavior among ferrets are not very common.

On the other hand, wild ferrets that have no human interaction generally show aggressive behavior and some owners who directly adopt wild ferrets end up letting it free to where it came from.

When a ferret gets agitated, it may start barking and growling like a dog, and that pet from that moment onward it should be treated with care and with safety measures done.

How do you Find out if a Ferret is in pain?

A ferret can be described as a stoic animal that often doesn’t express pain.

If a ferret isn’t feeling well, they will flatten themselves down and squint their eyes or rub their body against their owner to indicate that they need more attention, it is always a good idea to immediately take the pet to a veterinarian.

Ferrets, just like cats feel enormous amount of pain when stepped on their tail, they either hiss or dook, so be careful when rushing around the house, remember the “tail”. 

It is obvious if your ferret has an injury. It is possible to feel the skin around joints and other areas that are swelling. Injuries like broken legs or ribs are rare and ferrets have very flexible spines. To find out if your ferret needs medical attention, ferret owners must look closely at them and see what’s happening with their body.

What does it mean when a Ferret lick?

Most ferrets lick themselves to groom themselves. But if your ferret licks you, it can be indicative of a few things.

Licking is a very common habit in ferrets, they do it to mostly groom themselves and other ferrets too, but still, it can indicate something.

  • As I said it could be trying to groom the pet owner (if it’s licking the owner) or basically clean itself.
  • It could be tasting the salt in our skin or just the taste of the lotion.
  • It may be about to bite you. Some ferrets do lick-lick-chomp, but no one really knows why. The ferret might warn you that it wants to be put down with the first two or three licks. The ferret will get its way if you ignore the first part of the warning.
  • To show that its caring for the owner or as a sign of happiness, an excited ferret would do that.

Why does a ferret run back and forth? Does it mean anything?

If a ferret runs close to you and away that could mean that the ferret is inviting you to something or just probably the food dish might be empty, and the little guy wants a refill.

A ferret might do this if its toy gets stuck under something that it is unable to reach.

It could mean that the ferret has seen something weird and terrible and wants your presence there, this just feels the same to be with a child.

Why the nipping?

A ferret nips on a person to get his/her attention or it can be call for a play time.

 People confuse biting with nipping and the answer is that both are not the same. Ferret’s use nipping as a method to communicate between each other, baby ferrets are called kits and nip each other, Well! ferrets do have tougher skin compared to humans with soft skin.

Nipping habits break after 5 to 9 weeks of growth and some reputable breeders does that while others have no clue. 

Ferrets are loyal pets that show a lot of Affection

In conclusion ferrets are known for having a friendly personality and extremely loyal pet.

People consider ferrets to be a high maintenance pet, and this is an undeniable fact, they are quite mischievous and slip around things easily, ferret proofing a house is a good idea.

If you are to get a ferret as a pet, better it would be to get two.

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