How Big Do Ferrets Get?

Wondering how big do Ferrets get? Look no further! Ferrets are very different in size and weight depending upon their gender and breeding.

Females can weigh anywhere from 1lb to 3.5lb when they are fixed. Including the tail, females usually measure around 18 inches long in body size.

A well-neutered male weighs about 2lb to 3.5lbs and a non neutered male can weigh up to 6lbs including the tail, males can measure up to 23 inches long.

Ferrets do put on some extra weight during the winter season and the owners refer to them as ‘winter chub’. Some ferrets could even gain 40% in weight.

Some of the white ferrets and albino ferrets do show some differences in the result.

Ferret Size and Growth

Ferrets are fun-loving pets and are part of the Mustelidae family, which also includes other animals such as badgers, weasels, otters, and pine martens.

If we compare a domesticated ferret with a wild ferret the major similarity is in their growth pattern.

Male and female ferrets are similar sizes when they are first born, though. Although they start off fitting in the palm of your hand, they grow rapidly within the first month of their lives. They only slow down when they hit 2 months of age.

Ferrets are a very challenging animal to breed at home, they are usually grown in pet stores and once these pet ferrets can do the most basic, they are displayed for sale.

The growth size obviously differs with different ages but its body shape or else size slows down once they hit 2 months of age.

Ferrets are mischievous and intelligent creatures as well, this combination of both characteristics can sometimes be a deadly combination. Once these pets are adopted they should be kept under proper surveillance and the owners hold the responsibility of ferret-proofing the house.

One of the mind-blowing facts is that a ferret sleeps up to 20 hours per day, you heard me right, 20 hours per day, that is 4 hours of his chores as a ferret.

Well as we have discussed domestic ferrets and wild ferrets don’t show a big difference in their size when compared to different other wild animals.

Growth Rate of Ferrets

If we look into the rate, a ferret can reach full weight and size in about a period of 4 months.
Right after their birth within 5 days they usually double their weight, in about 10 days their weight would reach 3 times the initial.

After 2 weeks their baby teeth begin to emerge and after 7 weeks they will have their permanent teeth.

After reaching 5 weeks males and females start showing their difference, in males bigger heads can be observed and their growth gets even faster.

When they reach 16 weeks or so, ferrets will have reached their full adult weight. As we said before, adult males are usually 16-22 inches long including their tails, and females will be around 13.5 inches.

Roughly after 16 weeks, the ferrets reach their full adult weight, males are usually 15-23 inches long and females fall around 18 including their tail as well.

Ferrets also have rapid pregnancies; female ferrets are pregnant for only 42 days. Newborn Kitts are deaf, blind, and completely helpless, so they need to stay close to their mothers in the early stages of life.

If we look at the pregnancy cycle the female stays pregnant for only around 42 days.

The newborn kittens are usually helpless, what that means is they are born deaf and blind in their early stages, this is one of the reasons the pet shop owners don’t sell their baby ferrets.

Best Diet for Optimal Ferret Growth

Another way that ferrets stand out from the typical crowd as domesticated pets are their diet, as ferrets are obligate carnivores.

Obviously, diet plays a major when studying healthy ferrets, a balanced diet just like humans are advised to take is necessary for these animals. well! the composition might vary comparing baby ferrets with a full-grown adult ferret.

One of the best is raw meat, foods that have raw meat minced in them like cat food will also help at the same time giving them some dried food to balance the food triangle.

Just because the animal grows at a different rate doesn’t mean they are unhealthy, if the owner is worried about the ferret’s health he/she must consider visiting a veterinarian.

Providing a healthy diet isn’t the same as providing the correct diet. Providing the correct diet is providing food depending on the surroundings and quality, for example as we discussed ferrets do love meat but meat from a dead animal that has been dead for too long can cause severe health issues as well.

How Big Do Ferrets Get? FAQ

  • How Big is a Full Grown Ferret?

    Male ferrets weigh up to 6lbs including the tail, and can measure up to 23 inches long.

  • What Age is a Ferret Full Grown?

    Roughly after 16 weeks or 4 months, the ferrets reach their full adult weight, males are usually 15-23 inches long and females fall around 18 inches

  • How Big Does a Pet Ferret Get?

    Male ferrets can measure up to 22 inches long and weigh up to 6lbs including the tail

  • Are Ferrets Rodents?

    One of the major misunderstandings is that a lot of people think that a ferret is a rodent, well the answer is no! Ferrets aren’t rodents; they naturally have a musky odor.

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