5 Common Accidents and Ferret Death Causes

Sudden ferret death is one of the things that puzzles us regarding our pet ferret’s health. We try to do our best to keep them healthy and happy by providing them the things they need such as healthy food, food supplements, a clean and properly set up cage, and a home where they can roam around. We do want to see our ferrets as active pets who like playing around and making fun but there are things that sometimes can be out of our hands that can lead to their sudden death.

However, there are also other things that we can prevent from happening among the other sudden ferret death causes. These things are very important to know so that we could help out ferrets live their life to the fullest. Remember, ferrets could live up to 8 years, but it could extend depending on how we take good care and value them as part of our daily lives.

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Some of the Most Common Causes of Sudden Ferret Death

1. Unsuccessful acclimation

Ferrets are flexible beings, not only in terms of physicality but also in their physiological aspects. Ferrets can easily adapt to new environment which means bringing them to your home from a pet store or a shelter would only require few periods of adjustment and they can start to “feel at home”.

However, not all ferrets would sail smoothly to adjustments, particularly for those who acquired their pets from rescue shelters. The ferrets that have been a previous house pet could have unknown background such as trauma and stress that could reflect on their behavior once you start putting them back in home care. One important thing to do for rescued ferrets is to ask the staff from the shelter a little bit or more about the ferret background. Doing this will help you a lot in dealing with the ferret to adjust to its new home.

2. Indigestion

Ferrets nip and bite on almost anything. They always like to use their mouth and teeth to pick up stuff that catch their interest. This can cause them to swallow things that are not meant to be eaten. Remember that ferrets have a very different digestive system and it lacks the capacity to digest some types of food like vegetables and fruits.

3. Poisonous substances

When you have a free ferret roaming around your house, the rule of the thumb is to make sure that your securely ferret-proof your home. Get rid of anything that could be dangerous for them such as poisonous plants, pesticide spray products, and cleaning products you use at home. Make sure that any open water source around the house are clean and safe to drink.

Consumption of poisonous substance is one of the common causes of sudden ferret death. This is sometimes tricky because what could not be poisonous for us can actually be poisonous for them. To be safe, anything that are chemical based or stuff at home that you suspect are not safe, keep it where your ferret couldn’t reach it.

4. Swallowing of objects at home

These could be tiny object like broken pieces of glass, wirings, rubber, fabric, plastic components and other stuff at home that are not only poisonous but can pose choking hazards for your ferret. These stuff can also make your ferret suffer for intestinal blockage and indigestion. Make sure to clean your house properly. Ferrets that are too inquisitive may need supervision from their owners when they do out-of-the-cage activities.

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5. Electrocution

One of the major importance of ferret-proofing your home is to avoid potential danger like being electrocuted because of exposure to live electric wires, cords, and outlets. It is highly recommended to enclose wires on plastic tubing or any wire covers to keep your pets from biting or touching on them.

Moreover, ferret could jump from one place to another, they can use stools to get to higher places. Curious ferrets may jump on tables and sinks and anywhere you can place a functioning appliance that can cause electrocution. Open electric outlets must be covered when not in use. Remember that when a ferret wants something, they have the perseverance to get what they want so you have to keep the surrounding safe from any possible accidents.

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