Do Ferrets And Cats Get Along?

Do ferrets and cats get along? Do they fight? Do they like each other at all? Do you have to watch them constantly or will the ferret sleep on the bed with the cat while it’s napping in peace? These are all valid questions that people often have when trying to decide if a pet is right for their home. In this blog post, we’ll explore how cats and ferrets interact as pets.  

Do ferrets and cats get along?

This is a question many have asked themselves. Will they get along? The answer is that it depends on the temperaments of all involved, but in general they often do. The likelihood of ferrets and cats getting along is increased if the cat is raised with a pet ferret, but there are still risks associated with introducing them to one another.

As a pet owner, you may want to diversify the pets you have in your home. Apart from cats and dogs, pet parents are adopting more ferrets than ever before. If you are one of the people that are interested in adding a ferret to your home while you own a cat, there is a question you need to answer before you buy a ferret: Will MY cat get along with the ferret?

When adding pets to your home, you want to increase the joy and playful nature that already exists in your home. You do not want a situation where you bring a pet home and find out that the pets cannot co-exist and are constantly fighting. Let’s look at the relationship between a ferret and a cat.

Why are cats afraid of ferrets?

Ferrets are smaller playful animals that enjoy groping the cat’s fur, and cats may find this annoying. The misconception that cats are afraid of ferrets is because of how the cats act around ferrets. We all know that cats must think they are superior animals, and often, they will look at other animals as if they believe what a waste.

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Kittens that grow up with ferrets will sometimes play with ferrets just like other kittens would with any animal. The challenge is introducing a ferret to a grown cat; the challenge also continues as the ferrets try to play with the cat’s fur. Cats are not afraid of ferrets, but they may look at them as animals to avoid based on how the ferret acts towards the cat.

Can cats and ferrets share a litter box?

There is a common belief that cats are antisocial by nature hence the difficulty to bond with them as an owner. Cats are not antisocial animals, but their upbringing determines how a cat will act towards its owner and other animals.

A cat and a ferret can share a litter box if they grew up together, or the cat grew up with other domesticated animals. For a cat to get along with other animals, it needs to be included in playtime with other pets and be left to enjoy spending time with the other pets without the owner’s presence. Sharing a litter box between your cat and ferret is possible.

Can a ferret kill a cat?

People would assume that a ferret is a rodent, but these little animals are related to cats than any other rodent. Just like cats, ferrets are carnivores, and they need protein in their diet. It is not to say that the two pets cannot kill each other as they can. A cat can be a cunning and lethal killing machine which is why you need to monitor the cat when introducing a ferret to your home.

The ferret is not a helpless little creature, and it is also capable of killing a cat. Your home needs to have space for the cat that a ferret cannot reach, and the ferret also needs its safe space that a cat cannot get. If your cat and your ferret start playing rough with one another, remove them from each other’s space to avoid a deadly fight. 

Bottom Line

A ferret and a cat can get along well, but you need to introduce them to each other and give them time to adapt to each other’s presence. Be sure to supervise the introduction and keep an eye on your ferret when it gets comfortable with your cat.

ferret playing with a cat

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