5 Ways to Build a Bond with Your Ferret

When acquiring any kind of animals, whether it is a dog, a cat, or a ferret, it is important that you build a bond with them. Spending time with your pets is a part of their care and nurturing needs. As for ferrets in particular, building a bond with your ferret will take quite some time to make it a strong one, as these animals have different instincts from that of a dog or a cat.

If you are asking what kind of activities you can do with your ferret to be able to form a bond with them, we came up with a list of enjoyable things you can do with them. These activities are highly suitable for your pets based on their personality and the things they like to do.

You can start doing these things as early as possible because it is important that you train them and spend time with them while they are still young.

Activities You Can Do With Your ferret

Most of these activities particularly those done outdoors require that your ferret wear a harness so that they won’t go on loose or escape. They run pretty fast and you wouldn’t want to run after them the whole day.

Walking/Jogging outside

Not only will your ferret could take advantage of the health benefits that regular exercise could give but your body as well can experience the lightness and extra energy from daily walking or jogging.

Furthermore, if you do this early in the morning you and your pet will get a dose of Vitamin D that sunshine provides plus the relaxing freshness of the morning air.

Trampoline Jumping

Not all parks could provide this equipment. However, if you know a place where you and your ferret can do crazy jumping spree, fix your schedule and pay a visit to that place. Ferrets would go ballistic and will have so much fun.

Just make sure you position yourself quite distant from your ferret and take extra care when jumping so you do not fall hard on your fragile pet. As much as possible you can just lay down and bounce on the surface of the trampoline and move the trampoline gentle enough for your ferret to still be able to move around.

Visit a playground

Most neighborhood playgrounds have slides and tunnels. Go play with your ferret and unleash the inner child in you. Ferrets can be more active and restless than children when they play. They love to get in tunnels and find their way out. This could be very enjoyable and amusing for them.

Dance together

This is something you can do at home. All you need to do is turn on the TV and X box then play your favorite Just Dance dance music. You can also just turn on the radio and tune in to any danceable music.

Your ferret will get amazed seeing you wiggle and move just like them, they will just dance with you without you knowing. Ferrets are good dancers with their long and flexible body.

Take a nap with them

This could be the easiest thing to do with your ferret and perhaps the most worthwhile. Let your ferret sleep on your lap while you stroke their back. They would love the feeling of your skin touching theirs. They will feel secured and loved and will become more attached with you.

Ferrets can easily fall asleep and once they go to sleep they can be heavy sleepers too. Sometimes you will be needing them to sleep longer so you could also have a peaceful time for yourself until they wake up.

Bottom Line

You can spend an hour or less everyday doing these activities mentioned with your ferret. It doesn’t require much time and busy pet owners can surely allot some time for these activities on their schedule. Bear in mind that acquiring ferrets is like having little kids that will eventually cling for your time and affection. Just make sure that you don’t spoil them enough because ferrets could act like brats when you are too forgiving as an owner.

When a bond has been built, you will eventually feel that these animals will trust you and will show you great amount of love and affection and loyalty. Pet owners who were able to get very close with their ferrets say that it is such a reward to have a harmonious relationship with their ferret.

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